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  5 Human Jobs That Have Been Taken Over by Robots
Posted by: billymark007 - 04-16-2019, 06:20 AM - No Replies

Advanced computing has made it possible to share a great deal of monotonous and arduous work with robots. Robots come equipped with intelligent techs like machine learning and unique coding which have made it possible to leverage some tough jobs on them. Here, we have mentioned some Human Jobs That Have Been Taken Over by Robots.

Guide to the Latest Developments in Artificial Intelligence
Application of Big Data Across Different Sectors


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  What problem do we solve?
Posted by: Emmanuel - 04-09-2019, 10:02 AM - No Replies

We give the right ladder to the right persons to get to the peak of their career, this is aimed at achieving a successful entrepreneurship path, academic advancement and employability.

We reduce the nuisance level that is constituted by our school dropouts and graduates by engaging them with mentors towards a defined career path of their interest.

Precision, direction and requisite skillsets becomes a compass offered by mentors.

When cordiality is attained, mentors can become their career referees, investors, employers, life coaches, co-founders etc.
We keep growing with more visibility!

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  Meet our Sponsors and Partners
Posted by: Emmanuel - 04-03-2019, 10:56 AM - No Replies

Contact us:
Email: risingafricanambassadors@gmail.com
Call: +2347034930975

At the moment, we are only partnering with:
1. five Student Union Government for data collection.
2. Rvolutuonize.com for uploading our trainings to increase our visibility.
3. We hope to partner with other edutech companies, Job recruiters, Scholarship firms etc.

At the moment we have no sponsor and we are very open to sponsors who believe in our idea to increase the human capacity index of Africans.

We are open to equity investors who have passion for African development, we have a sustainable revenue model which is made known to interested investors. However, we aren't a huge profit making organisation.

We currently have a membership strength of 310 who are beneficiaries of our virtual trainings,  we are constrained financially to enlarge our base. We hope to penetrate seven African nations in two years time.

We currently have no subscriber, we are financially constrained to build a website that captures our designed features. We have however, done a survey on a focus group in Delta and the statistics shows that 81.2% are ready for our launch.

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  Who and who make up our community?
Posted by: Emmanuel - 03-22-2019, 11:33 PM - No Replies

Our community is a large community of Africans that are committed to exchange value and collaborate. It's a borderless continent!

These categories of Africans:
1. Graduates
2. Dropouts
3. Mentors
4. Venture capitalists
5. State and country sceptres
6. Our board of advisors
7. NGOs Reps
8. HR and company reps

We hope in two weeks of your membership you find:
1. Business partners
2. Company co-founders
3. Career colleagues
4. Mentors
5. Venture capitalists
6. Industrialists

Become a subscriber to gain the following:
1. Specifics on your areas of interest designed in biztech toolboxes
2. One on one meet-up with toolbox designers
3. Mentor matchmaking
4. Access our games designed to test the skill obtained
5. Unlock all paid packages after 2 years of consistent subscription

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Thumbs Up How we do what we do
Posted by: Emmanuel - 03-22-2019, 06:55 PM - No Replies

Our team of developers though financially constrained, are building a dynamic mentor matchmaking online platform built on a blockchain technology.

Previously: Before now we have organized over 15 virtual trainings and those training materials are compiled in PDF and uploaded here for wider visibility.

Presently: We are building a dynamic and sustainable mentor-protege matchmaking platform(ratio 1:15) Coupled with our biz&tech toolboxes.

  • At matchmaking, ratings of mentors are displayed to inform the decisions of mentees.
  • Mentees make reviews of the mentors and toolboxes.
  • A pre-mentorship and post-mentorship analysis is taken after every subscription to enable recommendations to mentors and toolbox designers.
  • Mentors can be switched after every month at a subscriber's request.
  • Toolboxes span throughout 1 month with two hours dedicated weekly with tests
  • Every subscription matches a mentee and unlocks a toolbox recommended by the mentor.
  • Scheduling of physical meet-ups, online meet-up will be done on our platform.
  • 1 year of consistent subscription earns a subscriber an Alumni of RAA with our badge and gives free access to all paid packages as much time as he/she sticks to the platform.

What to expect: In 5 years time, we will build a membership strength of 250,000 in 25 African nations with 20,000 mentors. our facilitators have pledged to bring in their network to be part of Africa's largest mentorship platform for young professionals, graduates and dropouts to attain employability, entrepreneurship and academic advancement.

Our leadership have been strengthened with three co-founders, 1 Executive Director, Board of advisers, partners, designers, developers, State and country sceptres, technical content creators.

Something big is here for Africans!

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  Meet our facilitators
Posted by: Emmanuel - 03-19-2019, 02:08 PM - No Replies

Facilitators in Rising African ambassadors are professionals with diverse backgrounds that seek to increase the Human capital index of African nations, taking root from graduates and dropouts of our colleges. They've identified with Rising African Ambassadors since 2018. Now that we are upgrading to a more rewarding venture, they've promised to bring in their networks to make this vision massive, a good start in the 2nd quarter.

Our facilitators are experts that have backgrounds in career advancement, entrepreneurhip, international relations, law, educationist, branding experts, consultants, health, AI & Robotics, Industry workers, serial investors, venture capitalists, financial management, Project management, psychology and networking.

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.jpg   IMG_20190319_160257_616.JPG (Size: 164.6 KB / Downloads: 40)
.jpg   IMG_20190319_160313_894.JPG (Size: 354.95 KB / Downloads: 41)
.jpg   IMG_20190319_160222_630.JPG (Size: 173.63 KB / Downloads: 39)
.jpg   IMG_20190319_160238_684.JPG (Size: 376.26 KB / Downloads: 41)
.jpg   IMG_20190319_160617_088.JPG (Size: 364.37 KB / Downloads: 40)
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Star Vehicles
Posted by: Victor - 03-16-2019, 06:08 AM - No Replies

Vehicles, machines used to transport humans, goods and services. We start our project with perhaps the most basic modern day vehicle-- The Bicycle.
Bicycles are rather useful for a wide variety of functions.
Select Type
Parts required
    Parts procurement

    Parts manufacturing
Material to be used for parts
Production Costs
Operation Costs
Market Feasibility
Promoting use of Bicycles
Repair scheme

Lets start producing efficient, appealing and start the growth of our manufacturing sector.

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Star Drinks
Posted by: Victor - 03-16-2019, 05:10 AM - Replies (3)

Drinks are one very important source of revenue. In creating sustainable models for the industry. We will consider the following.
Types of Drinks
1. Water
2. Soft Drink
3. Beverage
4. Coffee
5. Alcohol
6. Local Medicinal Drinks
7. Local Produced Drinks
8. Dairy

Selecting type
Clear cut Formulation/Preservation
Health implications
Capital requirements/Costs
Sales Price

Improving local drink image, production, sales, profit making and support individuals who are interested in pursuing these industries.

There are so many things to work on, and as such we will only be looking at optimizing one select type of drink throughout.

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  Our Goal
Posted by: Emmanuel - 03-15-2019, 02:53 PM - No Replies

We are building Africa's largest mentorship platform garnished with biztech toolboxes for dropouts and graduates to achieve employability, career advancement and entrepreneurship.

Our aim is to connect African business partners, co-founders, mentors-members, career colleagues and crown it with access to requisite biz&tech e-toolboxes that increases their competitive advantage and employability index in the global market. This replaces the negative alternative that is mostly taken by graduates and dropouts in the face of frustration and directionlessness. At this point, they're pressurised and high expectations are laid on them from sponsors, family and Society. With the right tools, mentorship and network, they can absorb this pressure and make productive yield.

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Posted by: Emmanuel - 03-15-2019, 02:54 AM - No Replies

3. Emerging Technologies

Here, we constantly create an environment that speaks of the technology that disrupts the space now and to come. Requisite skills to remain in the phase of your career and maintain a peak position ahead of emerging technologies. We believe that humans are domineering from creatures, Humans can master tech and make them subjects.

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