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rv: Poultry thread

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Posts on poultry related problems.


While Nigeria has a healthy appetite for Fowl meat and eggs, a major challenge the poultry industry faces is the high cost of poultry feed required and improper maintenance of the fowls alongside suitable technology to maximize poultry efficiency.


My father started a poultry business which unfortunately collapsed. The major reasons for this happening were
1. Diseases
2. The excessive cost of Fowl feed
3. Security issues
Most people are not able to afford the best health treatment for their animals and this really impedes most farms as these diseases are contagious.


Inasmuch as there is a very high demand for poultry meats and eggs, the poultry business even while it looks rosy is very capital intensive. Poultry business is normally for either production of meats(Broilers), eggs(Layers) or for birds for either of the previous two(Breeders). And either of these involve very extensive cost to make money from it. This in its own is able to deter most Nigerians from being willing to pursue business in the Poultry industry. You can just imagine first of all requiring land, after that you have to build bird houses, not even taking of how much feeds will be consumed daily. There is almost no wah the budding entrepreneur will be able to effectively work here with the already existing major challenge of funds for entrepreneurs.


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