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rv: Infrastructure problems

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Here you post issues and problems you identify in the Infrastructural aspect of the Nation.


Talking about issues of state development, there doesn't seem to be a direction states are following as regards how they are to be developed. This is something I am of the notion should be considered for development.
We can make Nigeria great.


Overpopulation is defined as a particular condition due to which the number of people on a definite area is so dense that it causes environmental declension, a population crash or deterioration of the quality of life. Read more: https://www.legit.ng/1194983-causes-over...ences.html
Low level of education in family planning and increased birth rate. Even at present one may observe great number of illiterates and those who continue to follow the customs of their ancestors. They have almost no knowledge about family planning. People get their children married at the very early age, as a tribute to the traditions. In some areas to have many children is a part of traditions.Cultural influence and religious belief. In the world of modern technologies, one can still find tribes, whose cultural feature is lots of children.Male-child preference. You will be surprised to know that many cultures in Nigeria appreciate male babies rather than female ones. If a female baby is born into a family, the couple continues attempts until they gets a male child.
Read more: https://www.legit.ng/1194983-causes-over...ences.html

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