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*UPDATE?: Search for Emilano Sala's Plane✈ Halted✋*


Here are the latest updates from the search for the missing flight that had new Cardiff signing Emiliano Sala in it.

? There have been various updates from Guernsey Police, who are officially conducting the search into the disappearance of Sala and the missing aircraft, before they suspended the search at 17:00 GMT.

They have confirmed that:  
– Several objects were seen floating in the water  
– The search party have found no signs of anyone on board  
– Search and rescue operations have been paused for the evening following sunset and will continue tomorrow  
– It will resume on sunrise tomorrow

Guernsey Police also stated they will be providing no further updates to the situation this evening.

? Nantes have shared a touching video on Twitter about a vigil held for Sala in the French city. Watch: http://v.duta.us/kz4l8QAA

Supporters have been gathering around the town centre to pay tribute to Sala, with many laying down yellow tulips and scarves.

? Captain David Barker says the likely area where the plane could have crashed is expanding.

"It gets to the point where it's impossible, even with unlimited resources to search that area," Captain Barker said in a statement to the BBC.

"The weather forecast for tomorrow is not as good as today, so we will be making a very difficult decision in the morning whether we can carry on with the search or not."

Our thought and prayers with the victims....


This is very sad. Most especially for them and their family. Hope they knew Jesus before they died though.


Hope the guy has been found.
We can make Nigeria great.


what's the update with this guy


Nothing. Seems like they've gone.

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(01-29-2019, 05:57 PM)Yusuf damilare Wrote: what's the update with this guy

The search was resumed after money was raised by various persons both in Sport and government and eventually a wreckage was found under water using an ROV. A body was found which is said to be probably E. Sala's but have been retrieved. The process is still on.

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