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Topic Code


It has been previously stated that only five topics will be discussed at any point in time. However, there are some topics which are generally much more difficult to conclude or resolve. To avoid working with too many topics which have a high difficulty level, we have adopted a system of topic classification in which topics are divided into CODE THREE(3), CODE TWO(2) and CODE ONE(1) topics.
          This refers to a topic which which is can be concluded easily after an adequate amount of effort has been put into the topic.
          This refers to a topic which is more difficult than a code one topic but can still be concluded after careful deliberation and research.
          This refers to a topic which is very difficult to conclude and requires careful research, economic analysis and time to effectively conclude.
          At any time in the five active topics, there will be on code three topic, two code two topics and two code topics. However, a different format can be used in a different situation which will still work in our pursuit for excellence.

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