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How we do what we do

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Owing to the vision behind Rising African Ambassadors, we are presently on a hunt for resources amongst members and externals to build an engaging website to reach a wider audience of graduates, dropouts, mentors, investors, coaches, instructors etc.
At the moment, we are operating in collaboration with Rvolutuonize.com pending till we build our structures.

Previously: Before now we have organized over 15 virtual trainings and those training materials are compiled in PDF and uploaded here for wider visibility.

Projections: We are building a dynamic, rich and sustainable mentor-protege matchmaking platform(ratio 15:1) Coupled with our biz&tech toolboxes.

What to expect: In 5 years time, we will build a membership strength of 250,000 in 25 African nations with 20,000 mentors. our facilitators have pledged to bring in their network to be part of Africa's largest mentorship platform for graduates and dropouts to attain employability, entrepreneurship and academic advancement.

Our leadership have been strengthened with three co-founders, 1 Executive Director, Board of advisers, partners, designers, State and country sceptres and customer care representative.
As soon as we get our platform ready, we go into full scaleup. But for the main time, our trainings continue not in the webinar anymore but here.

Something big is here for Africans!

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