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China ASA Plastic Roof Panels manufacturers


ASA Plastic Sheet
Wholesale Building Supplies ASA Corrugated Plastic Roof Tile
SMARTROOF has been working in roofing field for almost 20 Years. We have a lot experience in roofing project and keep trying to offer professional support to our clients.
Below is the information about the ASA Roof Tile, please read below.
SMARTROOF Item ASA Plastic Roof Tile
Based Raw Material UPVC Plastic
Coating Material ASA
Width 1130 MM / 1360 MM
Effective Width 1050 MM / 1240 MM
Length 5.8 M / 11.85 M / Customized
Thickness 1.5 MM - 3.0 MM
Color Brick Red / Purplish Red / Brown / Dark Grey
Guarantee 20 Years
Profile Drawing and Details:

1130 Roofing Profile
Total Width 1130 MM
Effective Width 1050 MM
Pitch Distance 219 MM
Pitch Height 26 MM

1130 Roofing Profile
Total Width 1360 MM
Effective Width 1240 MM
Pitch Distance 209 MM
Pitch Height 27 MM
Color Reference:

PS. If you have special color requirement, please send us the Color No., we can customize for you.

Compared With Traditional Metal Roof
UPVC Roofing Sheets ASA Anti Aging Plastic Roofing
Heat Insulation ● ●
Anti Aging ● ↑
Chemical Resistance ● ●
Color Lasting ○ ↑
Self Cleaning ● ●
Sound Insulation ● ●
Color Lasting ● ●
Exhibition Showcase:

Not Just Roofing-But Roofing Solutions China ASA Plastic Roof Panels manufacturers

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