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Article : Generation, Transmission and Distribution Companies

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Providing Information on Various Companies comprising the National Grid.
1. History on Generating, Transmission and Distribution Companies
      Describe the histories of Power companies and their establishment in Nigeria
Assigned to @Victor
2. Current Number of Power Companies in Nigeria
     Note how many Power Generating, Transmission and Distribution companies are in Nigeria
Assigned to @ZlatanOdinson
3. Operational Status
     Note current operational status of Power generating companies
4. Power Outputs
     Note current outputs of Power generating companies
We upload information, edit, and join as required by the Moderator.
Project are split in several parts assignable to interested parties.
Project should be run using Git.
We can make Nigeria great.


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We can make Nigeria great.

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History on Generating, Transmission and Distribution Companies
1898 - First Power Generating Plant in Nigeria(60KW)
1929 - Nigerian Electricity Supply Company established
1946 -  Nigerian Government Electricity Undertaking (NGEU) established (control of Power assets in Lagos)
1950 - Electricity Corporation of 
Nigeria (ECN) established(control of Power assets in Nigeria)
1962 - Niger Dams Authority 
(NDA) established
1972 - ECN + NDA = National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) 
2005 - PHCN established
2007 - Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission(NERC) established
2O10 - Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET) established
2014 - Generating and Distribution Companies partially privatized. (Transmission Company owned by the Government)
We can make Nigeria great.

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