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Article: Basic Guide to Energy and Electricity (Nigeria)

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Article Published on Post 6  
Provide an introductory overview of Energy.

Energy | Electricity : Units | National Grid : Components | IPPs

Should be easy to grasp.
Should be producible in one page (Digital A4, PDF)

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||Describe ENERGY and ELECTRICITY citing examples||  
What is Energy? We will take as many as needed until we select one, then we move to the next.
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Chizzy here Smile I think Energy is the ability to do Work. Abi wasn't that what our science teachers taught us.


(02-27-2019, 09:30 AM)Chizzy Wrote: Chizzy here Smile I think Energy is the ability to do Work. Abi wasn't that what our science teachers taught us.
True. I want to look at Energy as a substance which gives a machine the ability to move or carry at an action.
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I have been studying this matter for a while so let me add more,
Every object has energy though some are able to easily use their energy to perform work or carry out an action. We then note that work being done is the most important thing, such as driving a turbine, moving an object etc.
Some substances are very combustible such that when burnt they release large amounts of heat(energy) which is able to perform an action examples being natural gas, crude oil etc.
Electricity is the transfer of electrons through a resistive material with varying force. Most commonly electricity is generated by converting energy from the burning of fuels, or from the movement of water, wind, or other means by means of an Electric Motor.

Going ahead (we will still have to work on the above), ||DESCRIBE A NATIONAL GRID||

Okay still on this.
A national grid also called an electrical or power grid is a connection or network of several systems such as generating stations, high voltage transmission lines, distribution lines that supply power from power suppliers to power consumers regardless of distance from generating stations.

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Independent Power Producers commonly called IPP are private bodies that are able to generate electricity and supply to either the national grid or directly to consumers.

Currently in Progress:
Edits to the above and submitted data.
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Every action we take involves Energy.
From the lifting of the hands to eat, to refuelling the body with food, to the fall of objects, to the release of Heat and Light from burning substances etc. Energy is a substance which gives the ability to perform an action. There are so many forms of Energy and one of its major property is its ability to be transformed from one of its many forms to the others.
otherwise known as Electricity is perhaps the greatest DRIVING FORCE of the modern day  civilization. It is desirable to convert most forms of Energy into Electricity as we are able to easily use it in a variety of ways and easily transform it as required compared to unconverted Energy from Crude, Sunlight, Water etc. Electricity is the presence and movement of electrons.
We now look at Energy and Electricity on a national scale. A National Grid is a system of Electricity Generators, Electricity Transmission Lines and other facilities, machineries and utilities required to produce and transfer Electricity. Ownership of companies that operate components of the Power Grid is generally between The Federal Government of Nigeria and Private Firms.
IPP's are Private Firms involved in Electricity generation.
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Images of Energy, Electricity and a National Grid. Will create the article later.

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@Chizzy could you please copy the article into your post? Would be nice for someone to easily be able to see the articles.
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