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About Rising African Ambassadors

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The unique thing about Rising African Ambassadors is that we address a problem that has never been considered a problem. We absorb African school dropouts, young professionals and graduates (who're most times half-baked) who in most cases need the right mentor, toolbox and referee to land their dream career (entrepreneurship, academic and employment). We partner with colleges to get data yearly.

We are building Africa's largest matchmaking mentorship platform on academic advancement, entrepreneurship and employability with requisite biz&tech e-toolboxes designed to meet members need. It's a mentor-protege matchmaking platform.

African graduates and dropouts are increasingly amounting to low lives with petty self esteem. Just the right network, toolbox and mentor could save our continent some nuisance. Frustrated graduates have become societal foxship, recruiting the naive and unschooled as accomplices to cause mayhem.
Values, employability index, networks and mentorship have been leftout in our curriculum. African lecturers are rather demigods and remain hostile to supposed proteges. On this predicament have we founded Rising African Ambassadors.

This large network of African graduates, mentors and dropouts who will be groomed to ambassadors will share a forum in our website and make the following value exchange possible: identifying potential business partners, co-founders, career colleagues, mentors, B2B, Franchise, employment, empowerment, recommendations. Mentors can become potential investors, career referees and trustees at their volition. There's no limit to the value exchange we envision for this platform.

Our biztech toolboxes will be narrowed to specifics. This will have audio, video materials and gamification to test one's knowledge according to the needs of the subscriber. Codings, designs, growing local businesses to global brands, soft and tech skills, mastering emerging tech, maintaining career peak without displacement, international study will all have their unique test mode.
Facilitators would strictly dwell on their areas of expertise and Subscribers would be matched directly with facilitators. Check our forums for the four cardinal points we operate from.
For Africa;

Ohanwe, E. I.
Convener, Rising African Ambassadors


This seems nice. So how do you guys go about this?


We are taking off from Nigeria and we are making plans to partner with tertiary institutions so we can have an easy access to data of graduating students. We also project to have country ambassadors in some African nations before the end of the year.

We are not also neglecting our francophone colleagues, we will make provisions for translators using the google translator and also attract French speaking rising African ambassadors' facilitators.

O, E. I.

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